Anna O'Dor® is a beauty & wellbeing brand known for their carefully crafted collection of pure mulberry silk pillowcases, loungewear & accessories dedicated to beautiful hair & skin.

Designed with love in Vilnius, Anna O'Dor® products are hypoallergenic and antibacterial and with regular use promote hydration levels whilst minimising friction to combat sleep creases and frizz. Anna O'Dor® holds the certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, the highest global testing standard to be free of all toxic dyes & harmful chemicals.

"We carefully choose the silk fabric we source and test the quality rigorously to make sure that it holds up to the highest standards and only ever work with the best. The best manufacturers and fabric mills - and then each piece is individually signed off by the whole team to make sure that it perfectly encapsulates Anna O'Dor's ethos."

- Lina, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Anna O'Dor

At Anna O'Dor®, the mission has always been to bring more beauty to your life every day. We wanted to create products and an ethos that supports the modern woman and breathes life into the things that are important to them, all while empowering the modern woman to feel as incredible, versatile, and beautiful as they truly are.

Anna O'Dor® emanates positive energy, a penchant for adventure, and eternal elegance.

Anna O'Dor® products are carefully crafted with the highest grade (6a) long fiber, 100% mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme to ensure the perfect silky soft combination of durability, quality, and shine. 22 momme products give you 20% more luxurious silk per square centimeter and with continued use result in boosted hydration levels, silky soft frizz free hair, and glowing skin.

Anna O'Dor

Anna O'Dor® philosophy is to spread joy and beauty into the every day. We believe that life's purpose is to share happy moments with loved ones and to enjoy each day to the fullest.


We believe that fashion fades whilst style is eternal. We love timeless elegance, sophisticated silhouettes and soft comfortable silk fabric that is a delight to our bodies.

We treasure and honour heritage craftsmanship and commitment to achieving high quality products.

We respect ourselves, our communities & environment and believe in living authentically and audaciously as our full beautiful selves. We appreciate beautiful things, especially when they are gifts from Mother Nature, as our fabrics are, and made by wonderful humans, as our clothing is.
We produce everything in limited quantities, therefore we guarantee superior quality. 

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