These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter called "Regulations") define general terms of selling goods in the online shop, localized on the internet platform www.annaodor.com. A person who is going to purchase goods in our online shop www.annaodor.com is hereinafter called "Client".

Placing an order, the Client declares and confirms that he has read and accepted these Regulations. Acceptance of the Regulations is required for using the services of our online shop, and it takes place upon filling in the order form (transaction process in §5 of the Regulations).



We hereby inform you that the personal data of our online shop clients are processed only for the purposes of order execution and are protected by the applicable regulations. We collect and process personal data of users as a result of their registrations on www. annaodor.com. Personal data of www.annaodor.com clients shall not be shared with other companies.

Each Client has the right to access his personal data stored by our shop and to change or update them. The data we are entrusted with are stored and secured by principles determined by applicable regulations. Your personal data can be removed from the www.annaodor.com customer database upon your written request.



Any information about the goods offered by our shop through www.annaodor.com is not the offer within the meaning of the civil code, and it is exclusively the presentation of the goods provided by our shop.

All prices given in the online shop are in EUR with VAT included.



The information included in the Terms and the detailed information contained in this online service is not the offer but rather an invitation to place an order. No contract on product purchase between us and the Client is concluded until we accept the order. In the case of not accepting the order but receiving the money, the whole sum will be returned.

To place an order, you shall follow the procedure of online shopping. Next, you will receive an e-mail informing you that we have received your order ("Order Confirmation"). All orders depend on our acceptance, and we will send you an e-mail with such acceptance, in which we will confirm shipping the order ("Your order has been shipped"). A contract on buying a product ("Contract") between you and us will only be concluded after we send you the "Order Confirmation".

The contract will only be related to the products, whose shipping is confirmed in the Order Confirmation. We will not be obliged to deliver any other items that might have been a part of the Client's order.



In order to buy any goods in our online shop, a client fills in the purchase form through www.annaodor.com and makes a payment for the goods by choosing one of the available methods. Sending the purchase form is equivalent to accepting purchase terms, including these Regulations.

In the case of giving false, incomplete, or incorrect data – we will try to contact the Client to complete or correct them. If the contact is impossible, we will withdraw from the purchase contract.

The shop reserves the right to withdraw from a transaction if a product is unavailable or incorrect personal data. In such cases, the money paid by a client will be returned to the bank account indicated by the Client.

The Client can only correct his order to the moment of receiving the order receipt confirmation from the shop. The Client may also withdraw his order before the shop confirms it. In the case of a paid order, the shop returns the money deducted by bank and accounting service costs.

At the moment of order execution confirmation by the online shop (which is done by an e-mail), there takes place a conclusion of the purchase contract between the shop and the user.

Immediately after booking your payment on our bank account, we will send you the product you chose.

The goods ordered in our online shop are delivered through a courier company. Shipping cost depends on the total weight of the goods and the target country, and it is given when you place an order

Together with the goods, we issue a VAT invoice or a sales receipt. If any of these documents are missing, please notify us of it so that we could make it right. After receiving a delivery, the Client shall carefully check the package and the goods and immediately inform us about possible defects.

In the course of the transaction, you can communicate with the shop by e-mail: customer@annaodor.com. At the same time, we declare that we will inform you about all significant stages of the transaction on our side (execution of the order, payment booking, sending goods).



We offer our clients promotional codes by means of our Newsletter or by marketing campaigns of www.annaodor.com. Each code is subject to separate terms of use (validity period, offered discount, etc.).

General terms of using promotional codes:

Codes are not combined with other promotions, discounts, and special offers. To get a discount, you have to enter a promotional code in a special field, marked as *PROMOTIONAL CODE* when placing an order on www.annaodor.com, ALWAYS enter it in capital letters and without spaces.

In case of problems with entering your promotional code, please contact our Customer Service Department by e-mail: info@annaodor.com.


General terms of using gift cards:

Not with standing anything contained in these Terms of Service, Anna O‘Dor Digital Gift Cards (“Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards") are not returnable or refundable for cash except in states where required by law. Resale of Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards is strictly prohibited.

Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards may not be used in connection with any marketing, advertising or other promotional activities (including without limitation via websites, Internet advertisements, email, telemarketing, direct mail, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and radio and television broadcasts).

By purchasing Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards, you are certifying and representing to us that the activities in connection with which the Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards will be used will comply with these Terms of Service and all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and that Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards will not be used in any manner that is misleading, deceptive, unfair or otherwise harmful to us or to consumers. In addition, you agree to defend and indemnify us and our subsidiaries and affiliates from and against any claims, expenses or liabilities made against or incurred by any of us in connection with your use of Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards or violation of any of these Terms of Service. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. We are not liable to you for (i) lost or stolen Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards, or (ii) the use of any Anna O‘Dor Gift Cards by third parties through your account. You are solely responsible for keeping the password for your account safe and for any activity conducted under your account.



The following forms of payment are available: Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal system, Credit/Debit Cards.



We reserve the right to withdraw any product from the service, remove or modify any material or content of the website at any time. Although we will do everything we can to execute all orders. There may appear exceptional circumstances that will force us to refuse to execute your order, even after sending "order confirmation" and we reserve the right to do so at any moment and at our own discretion.

We are not liable to Clients or any other third parties for withdrawing any product from this service, irrespective of whether it is being sold or not, for removing or changing materials or contents on the website, or for refusing to execute an order after sending "Order Confirmation".



Subject to the provisions of Clause 5 above and except for the appearance of extraordinary circumstances, we will try to send the ordered goods after "Order Confirmation" before the delivery date, indicated in "Order Confirmation" or within 15 days from the date of "Order Confirmation" if no date was indicated.

If we are not able to keep the delivery date for any reason, we will inform our Client about it. We will offer to choose – a continuation of order execution with a prolonged delivery period or withdrawal from the order with the return of the whole amount of money. You shall take into consideration the fact that we do not make deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.

For the purpose of these Terms, "delivery" is regarded as made, order as "delivered" when a document of delivery is signing at the agreed delivery address. Delivery may be delayed because of the following reasons:

lack of product, unforeseen circumstances, delivery zone.



The consumer who concluded a contract outside the company office can withdraw from it according to the applicable regulations within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase and must support this fact with a written statement. 

A return form shall be enclosed to the package with the returned goods. The return date is the date on a postmark.

The returned goods shall not have signs of use. Each element has to be complete and have its original packaging, the goods shall be in the undamaged condition, without signs of use.

Return of goods to the Seller shall take place immediately, not later than within 14 days from the moment of withdrawal from the purchase contract.

If no filled-in return form is enclosed, the shop can refuse to accept the returned goods by the Client.

The Client bears any costs of goods being returned.



If there are stated any physical defects of the goods, the Client is obliged to immediately inform the Seller about it by e-mail, giving the number of the order to the address: info@annaodor.com, however, not later than within 14 days from the moment of finding defects. In the case of non-conformity of goods with the contract, the goods shall be sent back to the shop together with a non-conformity protocol and possible expectations related to the implementation of obligations.

We will respond to the Client's demands within 14 days from the moment of reporting the non-conformity of goods. No response to the requests within the above mentioned period means recognizing them as justified.

Costs related to sending back the defective goods are returned immediately after receiving the package and investigating the complaint. The money for the faulty goods will be returned to the Client in the amount not higher than paid by the shop when sending the goods to the Client. Shipping costs, taxes, and other duties will not be refunded.

Complaints related to mechanical damages, which appeared during transportation, will only be investigated after preparing a damage protocol in the mode provided for and applicable in accordance with the courier's procedures.



These regulations are a part of purchase contract contents, concluded between the Seller and the Client. The Seller reserves the right to introduce changes in these regulations in case of change of legal provisions or to improve the website's work, as well as to improve the protection of users' privacy and prevent them from abuses.

Cases that are not regulated by these regulations are subject to the Civil Code or other acts applicable to the activity and functioning of online shops in the Republic of Lithuania.